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Compensation Creations LLC is a boutique consulting firm specializing in compensation management, harnessing years of experience in helping businesses create and manage compensation packages that align with their business objectives, vision, and culture. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique compensation needs and design customized solutions that are tailored to their specific business requirements.

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Compensation Creations LLC provides comprehensive compensation management solutions to organizations of all sizes. Our experienced certified professionals help you create an effective and efficient compensation strategy that rewards top performance and aligns with your company's objectives and vision. We offer a range of services, including job evaluation and architecture, market pricing, salary structure, incentive design, increase and budgeting cycles collaboration, and communication support.


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Meet Compensation Creations Principal Penny Bigelow

Hello! I'm an accomplished compensation professional with over 20 years of experience serving business leaders. My love for math, sports, and problem-solving has shaped my unique approach to compensation management, allowing me to provide innovative solutions that align with company vision and strategy. My years of high-level experience in corporate accounting and compensation management give me the unique ability to create compensation strategies with perspective from both the people operations and finance departments circle of excellence. I've had the privilege of supporting clients throughout their compensation management journey, developing strategic plans and process improvements that have led to significant ROI and increased employee satisfaction and retention rates. I am passionate about creating a work culture that fosters innovation and engagement. I lead and serve with intention and believe the power of compensation management can transform organizations. I'm excited to continue making a positive impact in this field.

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John Smith, CEO

“Compensation Creations LLC helped us align our compensation strategy with our business goals and values. Their expertise and personalized approach made all the difference.”

Melissa, HR Business Partner

“Compensation Creations LLC revamped our job descriptions ensuring compliance while capturing meaningful content. We now have a robust JD library and templates to use as a framework for new positions. We highly recommend their services!”

Sarah Johnson, HR Director

“We were struggling to retain top talent until we started working with Compensation Creations LLC. Their innovative solutions and market analysis helped us design a competitive compensation package.”